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Are We on a Schedule to Cosmic Consciousness? Astronomer Carl Sagan imagined a cosmic calendar in which one year represented the whole of history from the start of the universe (big bang) until today. His powerful conclusion was: “We humans appeared so recently that our recorded history occupied only the last few seconds of the last minute of December 31st.” read more     
Why occupy Wall Street? -- The real effects of income inequality (Video) Documenting the reasons why the concentration of excessive wealth in the hands of a few within a country causes breakdown of society, particularly the USA.
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2012 Mayan Calendar - A Schedue to Enlightend Consciouness (Video) Part 1:How the Mayan Long Count calendar shows significant steps in human evolution have suddenly come into existence at precise times and events have accelerated exponentially...... launch video
Part 2: Explores how intuition can keep up with the accelerating speed of events.
Peaceful states invite intuition which can enable us to keep up with the speed of events and help us take more supportive action in the face of turmoil.
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Parallel Universes and How to Change Reality (Video) Using the science behind the notion of parallel realities, this brief video suggest a model for changing reality through beliefs and intention to create a sustainable future.... launch video
Meditation Chant (Video) Here is a brief excerpt of the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra as sung by Hein Braat with a restful video that can provide deep relaxation to release stress. launch video
Healing Hostility for Personal Peace By denial of hidden guilts and anger, we can fool ourselves that we are 'nice' people. By recognizing the pseudo-self that holds these views we can become free to express our true self......  read more 
On Healing the Past Exploring how current scientific concepts support the idea that by focus of our attention, we can heal the past.... read more
Achieving the Impossible Beliefs held in the mind can become real limits to achievement. The secret of achieving a goal beyond the boundaries of belief is to mentally make the goal so real that the creative genius is driven to invent ways to make changes that will manifest the goal... read more     
From Ritual to Habitual We are creatures of habit. Habits are unconscious repetitive thoughts or behaviors. Rituals are a conscious repetition of thoughts or behaviors that eventually become habits and can replace undesirable habits.... read more